The Ultimate Dumbbell Matrix

Whenever I am pressed for time or can’t leave the house, my ultimate go-to is an interval training session.  I usually choose between a Tabata or this ultimate dumbbell matrix HIT session.

I am a big fan of Scott Abel fitness and I love his Ultimate Dumbbell Matrix.  It is an awesome, effective, fat-melting HIT (High Intensity Training) workout for those short on time who want results! It’s brutal but it has amazing sculpting, metabolic, and conditioning effects. There are 16 exercises (consisting of 10 reps each side). Do the whole video two times through.  The whole workout (twice through) is still under 15 minutes….that is it….15 minutes and then YOU ARE DONE!

This Is My First Time

In attempting this for the first time, you may need to just do the motions with no weights until you get a feel for the program. Then, you can slowly progress by adding some dumbbells. You may also want to adjust the tempo on the video by slowing it down 2x and adding more weight (you can find these tempo buttons on the bottom of the youtube video).

How Do I Progress?

When you hit a plateau with this workout, progressions can be made by increasing your dumbbell weight, (and/or like I mentioned before, you may slow the tempo down and add more weight).

How Often Do I Do This?

If you are already fit, do this once or twice (max) per week  and you’ll see  tremendous body sculpting and metabolic effects. If you are new to fitness or a beginner, you can use this routine as your basis and incorporate it every other day. To read more about the benefits of metabolic conditioning, click here.

Exercises on the Video

In case you’d like to do it on your own, to your own music or tempo, here is a list of the exercises!

The Abel Ultimate Dumbbell Matrix

Phase One

  1. Simultaneous Dumbbell Shoulder Press
  2. Simultaneous Shoulder Level Dumbbell Punches in Front
  3. Simultaneous Db Cross Punching Shoulder Height w/ Pivot

 Phase Two

  1. Simultaneous Dumbbell Bent Alt. Dumbbell Rows
  2. Alt Dumbbell Side Laterals with Contralateral Front Stride
  3. Alt Dumbbell Front Raises with Contralateral Side Stride
  4. Simultaneous Dumbbell Upright Rows
  5. Push Ups, with the Dumbbells

 Phase Three

  1. Alt Front Reaching Lunges
  2. Alt Lateral Reaching Lunges
  3. Alt Posterior Reaching Lunges

 Phase Four

  1. Alt Front Reaching Lunges with Overhead Press
  2. Alt Lateral Reaching Lunges with upright row
  3. Alt Posterior Reaching Lunges with bicep Curls

 Phase Five

  1. Dumbbell full Squats
  2. Dumbbell Burpees with Jump

Repeat One More Time!



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  1. Hey Jodi, great website. I’m going to try the Ultimate Dumbell Matrix and was wondering if you could post the list of exercises in order?

    Also, where can I get the soundtrack from the video? I’d have to say that it’s one of Guinness’ finest original scores 😉


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