Big Box Gym or At-Home Workout?

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Where Oh Where to Workout?

Lifting weights not only prolongs my life, makes my bones stronger, and my hormones healthier, but also empowers me. I love being able to constantly shape and redefine my body.  I am my own ball of clay. I become my own artist and get to see how I respond to various different workouts. Thus I appreciate a wide variety of workouts…from the efficient, quick Tabata-style protocol to the lengthier, heavy, hard-hitting, German-volume-training, lifting session. Depending on time and goals, I may incorporate some form of both into my workout week. If I’m pressed for time or on vacation, I may just do some quick Tabatas in my room/house/outdoors. If I am trying to lean out and cut fat, I’ll add some HIIT. If I’m trying to build a little more muscle in any particular area, I may cut out Tabatas and any cardio all together and focus on lifting heavy and eating more.

However, when it comes to my “preferred” location for  any given  workout (be it at the gym or at-home workout), it is an astounding “it depends.”


Why I Like to Do at-home Workouts

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  • It is convenient, can be done at any time, wearing anything I darn well choose to wear, and my kids can join me at no extra hassle, preparation,  or cost.
  • No idle talk, weird glances, or awkwardness from strangers.
  • No waiting for equipment.
  • No gym hours  in which to adhere.
  • No monthly fees or contracts
  • Cost can be minimal (depending on your goals/equipment needs).

Why I Like to Gym Train

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  • The variety of equipment. I am like a kid in a candy store. I hop from machine… to racks… to weird apparatus I’ve never seen before, all while trying to hit my muscles from various angles that I never thought possible.
  • The sanctuary of no distraction. There are no kids fighting for my attention, no dishwasher, and no laundry timers buzzing, no doorbells or computers to distract me.
  • It’s nice to be around other people who get satisfaction from working their asses off, too. It’s educational and inspiring watching, observing, learning, and sharing ideas and tips on various new ways to perform exercises and use equipment.
  • It is nice to be in the presence of those who understand what I’m doing and why. Nobody questions me for choosing to workout. They  get it. They support it and they are right there with me. It’s frustrating to be around people who don’t understand why I, as a woman, would ever want to build muscle or can’t comprehend my food choices and assume my kids are tortured because they do not eat cake and candy.


The choice to train at home or at a gym is a toss-up. Some people do not have the luxury of doing one or the other or both.  For me, as long as I have a few pieces of equipment, I can usually enjoy and benefit from my at-home workouts.  For a working, busy mom, the at-home gym is a no-brainer.  However, if there is ever a day/way I can make it to a big-box gym, I will NOT pass on the opportunity.  Ultimately, of course, if you are able to do both (train at-home and at a gym) then I suggest taking advantage of  doing both…….grabbing a quick workout at home one day and scheduling a powerhouse workout at the gym for another day.  If you don’t have the luxury of doing both, then the best workout is definitely the one that you are able to do and can stick to!


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Jodi Rund is a published author, figure athlete, and a fitness instructor. She coaches others how to eat and build a healthy body.





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