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Alec,  21-years-old,  had been stout his whole life despite being athletic and playing football. After graduating from high school and wanting to fulfill his dream of joining the military, he walked into his local army recruiting office and was rejected (based on military weight requirements).

 Never realizing how much weight had actually crept up onto him over the past few years, Alec was blindsided by the devastating news from the recruiter.  However, this did not destroy his hope of one day becoming a soldier, and he fought back and decided to do something.

That’s when he contacted me.

When I first met Alec,  he was at his heaviest, almost 300lbs, ate unhealthy, and hadn’t worked out in a while.  DSC_0158

We modified a few, simple things in his diet and applied nutrient-timing. We also made some basic substitutions that he found completely doable and manageable. One of which was pushing all his carbohydrate eating until after dark. We then decided on a fitness routine that would accommodate his lifestyle and needs and that he could keep up with in his spare time.




Today — 50 lbs lighter  — marks Alec’s second month of working with me, and I have to say, I am really impressed with his results. It goes to show that just sometimes all you have to do is stick with something (and not jump from program to program) to see results!

He is now ready to practice his army 2-mile run, 1-min sit up, and  1-min push up test. With a little more perseverance and determination, I think Alec will be our next soldier!





Way to go Alec and never ever give up on yourself! You are well on your way to achieving your goals!

“I haven’t been this weight since 7th grade! It feels really awesome!” -Alec

Alec before and after 4 real picI do think he may need to get another pair of shorts!


UPDATE: After dropping the weight, Alec was accepted into the miltary, completed basic training, and is now serving ACTIVE DUTY IN FORT DRUM, NY! 


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Jodi is a certified personal trainer, a certified fitness nutrition specialist, and combat veteran who can help you achieve success. -West Palm Beach Florida


  1. Way to go Alec!! Sooo proud of you…………….

  2. Congrats Alec. That’s amazing for such a short period of time.

  3. Anne-Marie Poulin

    Woww nice job Alec!!! You should be very proud of you!!! Congrats!!!

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