Want Lean Sexy Abs – It Ain’t in the Workout!

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Jodi’s abs with ZERO crunches.

Building Core Strength Will NOT Reveal Your Abs

I would like to dispel the  misconception that getting cut-up lean abs is related to doing tons of ab exercises.  Many workout videos on Youtube seem to conflate “core strength” and getting “sexy lean abs” as being results that are one in the same. Sexy lean abs don’t really have anything to do with core strength. It amazes me how supposed fitness professionals continue to sell the lie.  Then to add to this they’ve released a barrage of ab equipment and apparatuses  promising lean sexy abs.   You can only spot strengthen, you can’t spot fat-reduce!  I wish these people would stop acting like doing a ton of ab work is going to lean out your abdominal section. Sure, it will make your core strong, but not necessarily lean (only diet will do that). 


The Core Truth

If you want a six week “six pack workout,”  you need to change your diet drastically and start doing high intensity interval training (HIIT) routines mixed with some weight/resistance training.  Depending on how much body fat you have will determine how long it will take to see your abdominal muscles.

What are your ab goals?  Aesthetic or Functional? Do you only wish to have the abs view-able or to do wish to actually have strength in your core?  Or maybe possibly both? Having core strength is a matter of abdominal training, but seeing your core muscles is a matter of diet, so you could definitely have the best of both worlds.

However, no matter what,  if actually seeing the defined lines of your abdominal section is one of your goals, you will need to adhere to a diet accordingly and do some HIIT training as well.


Even The Women’s Workout Channel implies we can spot reduce fat without changing our diet.



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