Why We Get Fat

So many good-intention folks (who do not understand why they are getting fat) turn to exercise first to solve their problem. They are spending hours upon hours running, biking, swimming and then lifting weights several times a week, which includes several repetitions and several sets of multiple exercises (often several times…

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REVERSE Type 2 Diabetes with High Intensity Interval Training

type 2 diabetes nutrition and exercise

  At Palm Beach Fit Body Boot Camp, we have had several diabetic patients improve dramatically and/or completely come off their diabetic medications in just a few short weeks of training and nutritional consulting with us. What makes our system so effective and efficient?   Can you reverse type 2 diabetes…

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Miracle Supplement Increases Muscle, Energy, Intelligence, & Life-span ~ Introducing Creatine!

5 Major Reasons Why You Need to Be Supplementing with Creatine One of the few products (besides caffeine) I always recommend to clients is creatine. Creatine is naturally produced by the body’s energy system and by supplementing it you can provide extra benefits beyond compare with no adverse side effects.  Regardless…

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