Make Your Body Burn FAT (instead of sugar) in Only Ten Days!

Fitness trainer Jodi Rund in th tropics posing next to a palm tree

Let’s face it; we’re all human. We all have our struggles; nobody is perfect, and sometimes we fall of the wagon. Whether it is the work meetings, school meetings, parent meetings,  neighborhood meetings, HOA meetings, friends/relatives/social get-togethers, etc… , life happens and sometimes we are not always prepared and/or we cave in.…

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Paleo Espresso Chocolate Cake ~ (with coconut cream frosting)

Chocolate…..espresso……cake……grain free…..sugar free…..WHAT?!   Does it get any better than this?  Paleo chocolate cake Well, actually, yes it does…when you top it with a coconut cream frosting!!! This is the gluten free, paleo chocolate espresso birthday cake for any occasion. OMG, this was by far my most successful cake to date!…

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