Staying Fit Through Pregnancy, Part (6) : Staying Fit after Birth

Staying fit through pregnancy_ Jodi backpacking with her son Zaiden

One of the best things I have ever bought is this baby back pack . I used this thing with both boys and it was a great way to get fitness with a young baby ( 6-24 months).

Healthy Active Moms Have Healthy Active Kids

(who apparently like to smile)!

My kids do smile a lot, for we are always exposing them to new adventures….but it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get kiddos to smile, especially when you are physically capable of doing things with them (which you should be if you have followed along since my first pregnancy post).

How Do I Find Time to Exercise?

After giving birth, you may need to take a few days/weeks rest (more or less depending on your circumstances). Listen to your body, for this is not the time to push it. Once you are ready, here are some suggestions for exercise.

1. Baby Carriers

Staying fit through pregnancy_One week after birth, ready for a walk!

One week after birth, ready for a walk!

For me, I was up and ready to go fairly soon after birth, so I did light walking 30min (to get blood flowing and heal quicker).  During those first few months, I enjoyed napping when the baby napped.  However when I was ready to get some exercise, this carrier allowed me to bring him along for walks. Again, you will want to listen to your body after delivery. If it hurts, STOP.

2. Use Their Nap Time

Staying Fit Through Pregnancy_Daddy and Baby Sev staying fit though pregnancy_baby Sev

When your sleep has finally (somewhat) adjusted and you  are no longer needing to sleep while your baby/kids (and hubbies) do, you can take their nap time and do some calorie-burning tasks for yourself such as: clean the house, organize a room, or do a quick 15 minute workout right in the middle of your floor!

3. Bring Everyone Along

Staying fit through pregnancy_Jodi Strollering with boys

A double stroller will save your life in the airport!

Once you are properly healed and wanting a great workout, why not trying pushing your new child(ren) [or  two toddlers] up and down the hills of your neighborhood. It’s a great way to add an extra 10-100 lbs resistance! Plus, if you have more than one child, what better way to get the kids to stop complaining and fighting than to throw them together in close proximity in a stroller?  Whether in a stroller, backpack, or just simply carrying them, you’ll burn more calories through the kids’ added weight resistance!

4. Play Outside Together

Staying fit through pregnancy_. Jodi walking with her son Zaiden

Once they are a bit older, you can also bring them outdoors for tasks!  Since you know your kids love hanging onto you for every minute of every second, why not try doing fitness with them outdoors? My boys love going on walks with me and digging and planting in the garden, too.  We also bought a cheap-o mini trampoline from Amazon and it keeps the boys entertained for hours while I do other tasks.

5. Keep a “Special” Toy Bag

Staying fit through pregnancy_

Gym time with the boys 🙂

Usually it’s tough to pry my kids from my side; therefore, I made a special bucket of toys or something like this that they only get to play with when I work out. It keeps them entertain for hours and works wonders…..seriously….try it, you’ll be surprised.

Will I Ever Sleep Again?

No, not for another 18 years. End of story. Now, let’s move on….

Will I Ever Get That Body Back? – said my husband.


“These  belong to the baby now,” I often said to my hubby. They get stretched, bitten, and overused! However, as with all things, this too shall come to an end. Before you know it, you’ll be back to normal (or as close to it as possible). And the best news is….with your new knowledge on pregnancy health, exercise, and fitness (granted you’ve been following my fit pregnancy series part one, two, three, four and five since the beginning for yourself), you’ll be back to your fit body in no time!

Staying fit through pregnancy_

Four months after giving birth.

Now if I could only decide on a hair color!


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