Seven Tips to Begin an “Excuse Free” New Year!

Jodi Rund Costa Rica

Jodi Rund and Boys in Costa Rica

Are you calling me a liar?

This four-letter word is of great offense to many. We don’t ever want someone to call us a liar. It hurts. Therefore, we practice honesty and integrity in all we do….except one…..our own self-care and commitment to health. We can lie to ourselves about why we don’t exercise or eat right.  Maybe we feel undeserving or overwhelmed.  Or, maybe we think “it’s just not the right time”.

When I first came into the health and fitness industry I would hear every excuse in the book.  I am a mother of two, work full-time and certainly have enough in my schedule to fill my day. Therefore, I understand what a busy life is like.  And let me be clear. I am not putting anyone down that thinks they do not have the time to put towards their health and happiness. I’m just saying………they’re probably lying to themselves. 

We can put everyone, everything and every excuse ahead of our needs, but we have to make time.  We have to stop believing our own lies. You are ready, you are good enough, you can create the time to start being your best! There are many reasons why we do not start or stick with something. Fear of failure, fear of looking stupid, lack of confidence in ourselves, etc.  The one thing 99% of them have in common is that they’re directly correlated to how you perceive your environment.  Remember…..You control this! 


The New year is here! If you have a goal……DO IT!


SEVEN TIPS to a New You!

1. Remain teachable and humble. You will never know everything because there’s too much to know.
Just because you have done something for years does not make you the top dog.  Listen, Learn, Communicate.

2. Wake up every morning with the mindset of becoming a better you.  Set this in your mind.  Make it a mantra. Write it on your mirror. Remind yourself in every way you can.

3. NEVER hit the snooze button.  Make this a rule!

4. Do not let the fear of the unknown overpower you. Do what you want to do. It’s that simple.
We allow our minds to make our life so complicated. Or we allow the thoughts of others to influence our decision.  Just Do it.

5. Set aside a quiet space in the morning, think and write about what you want to do. Then attack your day!

6. Create new and positive habits.  But don’t try to change to many old habits too fast.  Start with small changes to build habits over time.  This will insure success.

7. Use the 3-2-1 Technique!  Say this mantra when you’re stuck or indecisive:  “3-2-1” and just DO IT.

And If I didn’t emphasize “JUST DOING IT” enough.  Here’s a famous speech from motivational speaker Art Williamson.


Set new goals….Your “Excuse Free” 2018 is awaiting!
I believe in you! You got this! Believe in Do it!

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