Before Joining Palm Beach Fit Body Boot Camp, My Life Was Not Healthy

fbbc challenge picBelow is a testimonial from one of our clients whose been with us since our prelaunch opening May 2, 2016.  I love getting feedback like this and am honored to be trusted with something as valuable as someone’s health and fitness.   Thank you for all the support Palm Beach Fit Body Boot Camp members and thank you Lucy for this testimonial.  It is people like Lucy that give me a reason to get out of bed in morning :).  

Before joining Palm Beach Fit Body Boot Camp, my life was not healthy.


I had poor diet habits and I did not have the motivation to exercise. I lacked flexibility, strength, and stamina, and I was stressed out and depressed. In addition, I was constantly going to the doctor for my back issues, and nothing seemed to help.


I then found out about Palm Beach Fit Body Boot Camp and decided to give it a try (I really had nothing to lose at this point).


Since I have been with them (the past couple weeks), they have not only shown me how to exercise correctly but – most importantly – how to eat correctly! I have changed my eating habits and started eating the right things. I don’t have any more cravings and I feel satisfied. For example, instead of a donut – I grab a protein bar!

before and after pics

                        Lucy,  Before Joining us…….  Progress over 6 Weeks.                                           

Muscle Gained and Fat Lost!

I have more motivation than ever to get fit, especially seeing all the other people like me getting fit at the same time! With the workouts, I have not only increased my flexibility and strength but also the muscles on my back and stomach are getting stronger, too!


I look at myself in the mirror and love the results! My love handles and jiggly fat around my waist and back are almost gone, as I have lost 3.6% body fat (and still going). I feel so confident that I even bought a NEW SWIMSUIT and feel very confident wearing it!


Today, I can say with pride that my workouts at Palm Beach Fit Body Boot Camp are so very important to me and there is nowhere else I’d rather do it. The whole team at Palm Beach Fit Body Boot Camp works together to help me meet my fitness goals. When you are here, you are not just a person; you are family.

–Lucy N.



We are  a group personal training program that offers high-energy, fun, challenging workouts designed to burn maximum fat and tone your entire body all in only 30min! 
Results guaranteed or your money back!


sexy scuplted legs and butt feature imageJodi Rund, Owner

Recently, I moved from training clients one-on-one (and only being able to reach one at-a-time)  — to opening a group personal training studio so I can impact and change more lives.  I loved training individuals, but always felt that I could do so much more;  I wanted to reach hundreds.  In just 6 weeks since my husband and I opened Palm Beach Fit Body Boot Camp, we’ve been able to touch more lives than I ever thought possible.  It’s been such a rewarding adventure!  Our “20/20” vision is to change 20% of the population by year 2020! Come join us to get in the best shape of your life! 

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Jodi is a certified personal trainer, a certified fitness nutrition specialist, and combat veteran who can help you achieve success. -West Palm Beach Florida

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