Going Paleo

Many of you have thought about it and most of you are already well beyond the starting position. However, for those of you unfamiliar…..going paleo reaps many benefits…… like: More nutrients & energy. Since nutrient-dense food make up the majority of the paleo diet, you naturally get more vitamins and…

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Make Your Body Burn FAT (instead of sugar) in Only Ten Days!

Fitness trainer Jodi Rund in th tropics posing next to a palm tree

Let’s face it; we’re all human. We all have our struggles; nobody is perfect, and sometimes we fall of the wagon. Whether it is the work meetings, school meetings, parent meetings,  neighborhood meetings, HOA meetings, friends/relatives/social get-togethers, etc… , life happens and sometimes we are not always prepared and/or we cave in.…

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Ultra-Low Carb Spinach Pizza

Almost ZERO carbs but 100 percent goodness! A good friend in Costa Rica recently  shared with us her mother’s recipe for a spinach pizza that she used to prepare for her family in Nicaragua.  After trying it and loving it, we decided to make a similar version of it ourselves!  I…

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