Do you ever just zombie through your day in a cloud without much thought to what you’ve done? I know I have. How often are you aware of how your individual actions get you closer to your goals? Are you mindful of what you’re doing when you’re doing it? Well, the fact is, you’re a set of routines that play out every minute of everyday.

You NEED to understand how your brain works and realize how being conscious of this knowledge empowers you to make change. It’s like trying to fix your car without understanding how it works.

The best way for you to succeed is to learn what is Driving your Brain Train!

So let’s talk about neurotransmitters!

You can watch my Video #1 of this series on motivation, habits and change and find out below on how you can get your healthy groove back!



Where there is a will, there is a healthy (path)way! Yet, no matter what you do to improve, you just can’t stick to it!

Guess what? It is not your fault. It is your brain’s (neurotransmitter Dopamine) that naturally seeks things that are rewarding. It is ignited by whatever that reward may be (say sweets, fried foods, sex, alcohol, cigarettes, other intoxicants that probably make you feel good) but are terrible on your brain and body. This reward system (also known as the pleasure zone) does just that. It creates a zone (a groove, path, place of reoccurring existence) that soon becomes home to a habit, a routine. Not all habits are bad.

They no longer have to rent a room in your head. Instead let’s replace these negative neurons with positive ones and Reset!



HOW you ask…Follow your WHY!

Maybe you want to begin because you want to live a long healthy life; look and feel good’ received a bad diagnosis or other personal reasons.


Let’s start a revolution not another resolution! To get a chance you must first take a chance!

This year’s New Years Revolution Fit Body Boot Camp challenge is just that. I want you to make a radical change this year! Make a mark starting with a New Solution!

For many of you, this challenge is a Revolution because you are back to a starting point. If you feel you have failed in the past at a healthy, happy lifestyle, well, use it as a your Fail Forward experience..and move on. REVOLT against your old habits, break away from the past and get started!

jodi with fit body boot camp logo and platanos

It is called a Challenge for a Reason!

That Reason Why is what will get you up each day to accomplish your goals.
You only will change if you find a good enough reason to do so.
Me and my coaches will hold you accountable!


Let’s start do a ROUTINE CHECK-UP 

Here are 3 Action Steps you can take to Re-Program your mind and Resolve once-and-for-all your (Wishful…one day…dopamine-induced…Resolutions) and make 2018 the year you become the change you (have wished) to see.

1. Brain Dump: Write out all the reasons why you have failed, think you may fail again, what, who, is in your way.

2. Mind-Full: Fill your mind with healthy visions and thoughts of the new you…write out 4 things you want to see.
What do you desire, a healthier lifestyle, maybe in addition, a new job, a risk or leap of faith of something you have been putting off.

3. Kitchen Clean Out: Get rid of any Dopamine-inducing foods (sugar, refined carbs, processed and packaged foods, see list of foods below).

Believe and Achieve! Your new healthy habits (Routines) will empower you!

So get mind(full) and feed yourself happy, healthy thoughts of the New You!

Stay tuned for Video #2 where I show you ways to be less of a zombie and be more disciplined.

Are you ready?

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