Facebook Body Inspectors – Sorry You’re Too Fit

While creating an ad post for my site, I wanted to use a photo taken recently by one of my good friends at Tamarindo Family Photo. We used the post, Get Ripped By Training Less and the picture from the post was this one below:

Tamarindo Family Photos PAZ_1968

Fit Shamed by Facebook

Facebook immediately disapproved and sent this message in response:

Your ad wasn’t approved because it promotes a health product by focusing on an ideal physical body image. Images that show a type of body as being perfect or undesirable (ex: focusing on abs or belly fat) are not accepted.

Fit Shamed By Facebook?

WHAT? SERIOUSLY? Am I too fit to post a picture of my abs?

I’m curious which Facebook employees are the certified “body image inspectors”?  Is it their intention to promote only body images that have moderate amounts of body fat?  How much body fat does one need to have to post a picture and offer solid nutrition and exercise advice?  This is all I was doing.  The whole point of the post was to enhance fat-loss by changing your routine from steady-state cardio to a HIIT styled routine.  Many men and women, in particular, out there don’t realize that treadmills and steady state cardio are not the ideal way to cut body fat or enhance body composition.  In contrast, it actually wreaks havoc on the body’s metabolism and for females, their thyroid T3 hormone, which also inhibits fat loss.  Apologies Facebook, I guess my picture is too “ideal” to post.

I’m a Mother of TWO, Not a Model

I’ve read enough posts and angry articles bashing the fitness industry for unhealthy body image trends.  I’ve seen complaining about airbrushing and  the fakery that is the “model industry”.  Instagram is full of girls flashing cleavage and bending over.  I don’t entirely disagree though.  If you’re going to post a picture showing that someone is in good shape, it better be real, especially if you’re promoting a fitness or nutrition regime.  Anything less is unproductive and promotes  fantasy body images which in turns encourages unhealthy habits.

I’m an ex-school teacher and school owner, a mother of two young boys, a US Army combat veteran (Iraq 2004-2005), posses a degree in theology, a BA in sociology, a master’s in education and I’m avid fitness, science, and nutrition junkie.  I’m pursuing a career in personal fitness training and have obtained the NASM certification among others.  Nothing in my pictures is air brushed, squeezed, stretched or slimmed.  I’m not a model. (I do happen to have a girlfriend that’s an excellent photographer!) And I haven’t gotten paid for anything other than for training and consultation.  I stand by the claim that anyone with a functioning metabolism can get into great shape both aesthetically and functionally by modifying their diet and adding an appropriate workout program.

The “everyone gets a trophy” mentality that is becoming popular is bunk.  It’s perfectly fine to set realistic goals and train hard until you achieve them.  Trophies have never been easy to get.  Just love yourself in the process and don’t let your personal happiness be reliant on tomorrow.

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Jodi is a certified personal trainer, a certified fitness nutrition specialist, and combat veteran who can help you achieve success. -West Palm Beach Florida


  1. Hey!!

    When it’s on a page that you run, they don’t allow it!! But what you can do is still post it you just can’t pos it as an AD or BOOST it.

    Kinda crappy. But then I see people selling their ISAGENIX and friggen other crap products and I question it.


  2. Ps. LOVED THE RANT. Your body ROCKS and you should show it off 100 % !!

    Keep doing what you’re doing?!!

  3. Thanks Liz! I appreciate it! Man, I just couldn’t believe FB…I’m still in a bit of shock!

    • Wow! Unreal that they would take that down! For what it’s worth everybody, I was the photographer’s assistant that day and can contest to this photo looking EXACTLY as what was displayed in front of the camera lens that day. The goal of the shoot that day was to show people what discipline, eating clean and proper training can do and this photo shows exactly that. Authentic trainer photographed in her home gym displaying authentic results! Great work Jodi! Keep it up!

  4. Liz, you’re spot on. FB blew this call. Don’t let those goofballs get you down, Jodi!

  5. Jodi, They are ridiculous….you are an example of discipline and love for what you do, don’t let them bother you, you have all of your clients behind you and that’s what really matters most! We all wish to be as fit and dedicated as you!

  6. That’s crazy. So Facebook is turning into the Planet Fitness of social media and sounding off a “lunker alarm”?

  7. This drives me absolutely crazy. I truly hope that there is a revolt against the image/thought/speech police in the world today. Another reason I am not on FB.

    Your advice about hit cardio is spot on. I wish there was a space for that voice to be heard.

    Afghanistan (2002-2003)

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