Is Everything You Know About Cholesterol Wrong?


Millions  of Americans are currently taking a prescription medication to lower their cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

We’ve all heard it throughout our lifetime that you better keep your cholesterol below 200 if you want to keep from having clogged arteries which could lead to a heart attack, stroke, or worse. These warnings have come from well-meaning physicians, dietitians, and other so-called health “experts” who are simply regurgitating what they have been taught in medical school, personal training, and from other sources. One of those “other sources” of information are pharmaceutical companies which stand to profit greatly from a trumped-up condition that they can swoop in and come to the rescue of people with a susceptibility for atherosclerosis with a miracle pill.  

-Jimmy Moore (co-author of Cholesterol Clarity: What  In the HDL Is Wrong With My Numbers?)


What is the proof that high cholesterol leads to heart disease?


Dr. Oz sits down with doctors Stephen Sinatra and Jonny Bowden to discuss their controversial stance on cholesterol.  They don’t think cholesterol causes heart disease! Click on the image and listen to  their “radical” new plan for keeping your heart healthy.


Researchers like Dr. Jeff Volek, an associate professor at the University of Connecticut and one of the world’s most prolific & influential low-carb diet researchers,  have discovered that  low-carb cholesterol concerns are unnecessary because the reality is that the HDL/triglyceride ratio is a much better marker for heart health than LDL and total cholesterol.

As explain in the video above, the particle size of LDL is the BETTER way to determine if you’re in danger. The large, fluffy LDL are protective while the small, dense LDL particle size is what we want to minimize.

 Read more on cholesterol studies by clicking here.

cholesterol infographic


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