Dance (+ Treadmill) = LOVE

treadmill dancingTreadmill Dancing

As all of you know who follow me, it is no surprise that I love fitness, but many of you may not have know that I am also in LOVE with dance.

I think if I could start over in life, I may have pursued a life of dance instead of sports (volleyball, basketball, track, gymnastics).  Not saying one is more beneficial or important than the other, but each definitely requires different attention to select muscle training and stability work and requires a different training.

So You Think You Can Dance  and  Dancing with the Stars  are two of my most favorite shows to watch, in which my husband has to deal :).

I also am no big fan of steady-state cardio or treadmills. Therefore naturally when I saw this guy (a dancer and choreographer) making the treadmill exciting through his fun, funky dance moves, I was totally pulled in (who wouldn’t be). To add, he performed it using the track “Uptown Funk,” which is a personal favorite of mine and one in which  I recently had to use to learn and perform a choreographed dance when I modeled (and danced in) a clothing line runway show for my good friend and owner of Ciao Bella in Costa Rica. She is not only the owner but also  a beloved drama teacher, choreographer, dancer, yoga instructor, and artist (and someone whom I admire).

 I can barely imagine mastering these moves on the floor much less a moving contraption!

Even though I despise treadmills, I am in love with this guy’s funky dance routine!! Please click on the video at the bottom to watch this guy deliver!! You will not be sorry.

Nothing but love!

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