Use these 8 sure-fire ways to burn fat on a budget!

We all love when we feel the “burn,” but not at the expense of burning a hole in our pockets when trying to eat healthy.

The old adage, I can’t afford to eat healthy,” actually means, you can’t afford not to

(Ever heard: pay your grocer or pay your doctor?)

Do you ever go grocery shopping and worry about the price at the bottom of your receipt?

Do you let that worry be an excuse for not eating the foods you know you should be?

Sing it with me, “Don’t worry, eat healthy!” and actually the original song is right. When you don’t worry, you are happy!

You can’t tell me that you don’t feel better when you eat better. I bet you agree with me that when you feel better you even look better. Hey you even help others do the same.

Check out these tips to make grocery shopping budget friendly! Bring your friends along too! Come on and get happy because…..Clean eating doesn’t have to break the bank.

Fuel your body and feel good about it! Read more below.

1. Research which produce is in season to get the best value.

2. Shop bulk when you can! Stock up on good deals and freeze the extras until you need it.

3. Know when to skip organic. Look to organic for things like celery and berries, which can have the highest level of chemical residue, unlike things like onions.

4. Look for store brands instead of name brands.

5. Look at bulking up on frozen foods: meat and veggies, brands without added sugars.

6. Research stores in your area( like Aldi and Publix) and for upcoming deals that offer buy one get one free on produce and proteins throughout the year!

7. Prep! Make foods in bulk, freeze and reheat, so no foods go to waste!

8. Sharing is caring! Post your favorite recipes and share your experience with us.

Keep in mind, we want long-term, lifestyle changes…If won’t don’t move now we can’t move then..

Food is our friend and so should be our finances. One should not cancel out the other but work in a symbiotic relationship. We want to eliminate inflammation, dis-ease in our body, mind and spirit. Small wins equal great victories.

Believe it, Achieve it..Now do it!


Check back again soon when I share more tips on clean eating, intermittent fasting and my favorite Paleo recipes.

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