4 ways to get the YOU, you want!

These are not lyrics to a Billy Idol song, blast from the past. This is your present speaking, trying to prepare you for a healthier, stronger future.

MORE, something you wish you had (more of), whether it be time, money, success, health, happiness. I could go on. Well guess what? You will never have More if you settle for Less.

There are only 24-hours in a day.

Manage time or time will manage you!

I know my 30-minute HIIT workouts Optimize Time for Optimal Health.

If you Totally Invest More Energy (T.I.M.E.) into your life, you will get the results you want, not desire. Desiring could be just a passive thought while wanting requires Action.

What is your Fitness ROI (Return on Investment)?

It is so true that we get what we put into it. If anyone knows me, they know I see their potential, challenge their unhealthy habits and encourage them with positive action steps.

Time is on your side if you choose to manage it well.

Protect your most precious currency, your time!
You can let it slip away or choose to seize the day!

Instead of wasting time worrying about something from the past or worrying about something that might not happen in the future, focus on the present and do something NOW.


Remember if nothing changes, nothing changes.
Too often we undervalue what we have right now because we spend our energy on things we wish we had in the future.

Everything and everyone is always fighting for our time. How do we measure success?

Every second of the day offers a new opportunity, a moment (in time) where you get to choose what to do with it.

Consistency, discipline and self-control are important elements in order to develop a successful plan for healthy living.

Spend your time where it deserves to be spent. Put your energy into being your best self right now!


Here are four ways you can start to invest in change you want to see in yourself:

1. Know your WHY: write it down and post in your home, car, work, any place you can see it

2. Gratitude list: each morning write down three things you are grateful for

3. Food Prep: print out grocery list, create meals ahead of (time) and/or visit my recipe section

4. Schedule your daily routines, all which will lead you closer to your WHY -Goals.

Most of all, KNOW YOUR WORTH!

You are your most valuable currency. 



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