10 Foods to Take Out of the Fridge


Don’t Put These Foods in the Fridge

Sometimes we do things out of tradition, habit, or logic.  For many, putting items in the fridge may seem like  the most logical thing to do for preservation; however, for certain items it causes the opposite to happen. The following are 10 foods to take out of the fridge.

1. Avocado


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Contrary to what you might believe, avocados need heat and ethlyene to ripen. If you put them in the fridge too soon, they will spoil but never ripen. Once they reach your desired softness goodness, then you can try adding them to your fridge collection for (maybe) a day or two extra time life.




2. Honey

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Honey really never needs to be preserved. It’s nutrients remain intact for thousands of years a long as you haven’t heated it.  Keeping honey in the fridge will only make it thicken fast and crystallize, making  it nearly impossible to apply to your favorite foods (so don’t do it!). Instead, keep it in your pantry (as long as you plan to use it in the next thousand years).





3. Coffee Beans

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In the refrigerator, coffee will lose its flavor, absorb any ambient odors (think garlic and onion),  and get stale. Store freshly roasted coffee in vented, sealed bags which allows the carbon dioxide to escape, while preventing oxidizing air into the bag, which spoils coffee fast. Also, keep the storage container or bag away from sunlight and heaters.




4. Potatoes

The cool, moist environment of the fridge accelerates the conversion of starch to sugar, making potatoes gritty and flavorless. Once the sugars take hold, your potato begins to rapidly decompose. For best results, keep your potatoes in a cool, dark, dry and well ventilated area.





5. Tomatoes

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Tomatoes need a dry, well aired platform on which to mature. A refrigerator makes tomatoes mushy and prevents their natural ripening. Once a tomato is completely ripe, sure, throw it in the fridge to gain an extra day or two.




6. Onions

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Onions hate cold and wet environments. The moisture in the fridge actually makes onions sprout prematurely and speeds up the rotting process. Onions prefer cool dry, well ventilated environments like a pantry, veggie bowl, or unsealed cupboard.




7. Squashes, Pumpkins and Gourds

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Squashes thrive in dry areas not moisture-ridden refrigerators. Place squashes out in your fruit basket, on the counter, or in a dry area in your pantry.




8. Whole Melons

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A fresh, uncut melon needs the open air counter space to ripe and pack in the nutrients and antioxidants. Putting them in the fridge slows all of this down while at the same time making them mushy and unappealing.  Leave them on the counter or in a basket and only refrigerate after cutting them.




9. Basil

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Basil thrives the longest out of the refrigerator. You may have notices how it browns and wilts quickly when placed in the fridge. For the freshest, longest basil try placing the stocks in an inch of water. This will keep your basil taller and more vibrant longer.




10. Garlic

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Never put garlic in the fridge as garlic needs air and darkness. Refrigerating it causes it to hold moisture and become moldy. Garlic does best at room temperature out of direct sunlight which can cause premature sprouting.  Once on the counter, make sure it is exposed to plenty of air circulation (like a mesh container); otherwise,  condensation, mold,  and rapid decay may occur.



Now that you know which foods to take out of the fridge, you can start extending the life of  your foods (and budget) while saving some space in your  fridge ;).



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